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 Dobromir is a positive and energetic person. Totally devoted to the birds of prey conservation, for many years he has been working on various projects aimed to conserve the nature and the raptors in particular.

He is owner and main motor behind one of the leading Bulgarian tour operators in the field of eco tourism Spatia Wildlife Ltd. The company runs wide selection of carefully developed tours for observation of birds, mammals, plants, butterflies and dragonflies.

The photo tours offered in the present site would not have been so precise and well organized without his help.
Dobromir's keen knowledge about the birds of prey behaviour allowed us to guaranteed the photography of suspicious and difficult species like the Golden Eagle.
More about Dobromir and his company you can learn at:

      Emil Enchev  was born in December 1973.

I have graduated Master's degree in Veterinary Medicine.

I have worked as a vet in Varna zoo for 4 years. My job helped me to accumulate profound knowledge and problem solving experience related to the wild animals.

I have been doing wildlife photography since the 1997. My pictures have been exposed in exhibitions, brochures and posters devoted to nature conservation. I strongly support the idea of preservation of the natural habitats of the extinguished species as well as nature conservation globally.

Some of the most important reasons to develop my wildlife photography hobby into such project are my interest towards the animated nature, my pleasure to be amongst it and to watch and explore wild animals in their natural environment.
I find my work as a guide rewarding as it gives me the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and to share my experience with them.

Gradimir Jovtchev

I was born in the town of Kazanlak in the Rose Valley in 1970. Photography has been my hobby for quite a while though birds came into the picture a liitle bit later when I met Emil and Dobromir.

I participate in Griffon Vulture Re-Introduction Project as an observer as well as a creator of feeding sites for raptors. I also take part in a program which aims at dealing with the damages made by wolves and bears without having to use poison against them.

I share the idea that people have to live more with and not against the nature and I am convinced that this is the only way for the humanity to continue existing.

I am married, with 2 daughters.
I am happy to live in one of the places with the biggest bio-diversity in Europe as well as to share the lands around my house and further in the Balkan mountain with a 10-15 different species of raptors and more than a hundred other birds. My most favourite is the Golden Eagle though there are also some other rare species.

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