Other landmarks in the area:

The region is called "Rose Valley". The world famous - Roza Damascena is planted here since some hundred yaears. The local people produce the valuable rose oil, wich is main ingradient in most of the perfumes.

Every year in Kazanlak (the town in the vally) is celebrated the "Festival of Rroses".

That happens usually in the first weekend of June.


The place also has the name "The Valley of the Thracian Kings".

3000 year old tombs of thracian kings were discovered.

In the historic museum in Kazanlak there are more artefacts from that time to be seen.

All the tombs are every day opened for visitors.


Here begins the territory of the largest National Park in Bulgaria- Central Balkan.

The visitor may enjoy some of the highest waterfalls in Europe, including "The Paradise Waterfall", which is 124m high.

Just in a small territory of the two neighbour massives - Botev and Triglav - you may count more than 500 waterfalls higher than 5m.

This is because of the unique geological structure of the massives.

You may find a guide on:
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The south slopes of the mountain boast best possibilities for paragliding.

There are some country roads which guide you to perfect opened places for jumping.


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